Stop your puppy from biting

Puppies are the most beautiful things in the world. Passion can quickly fade away, but once the puppy starts biting things, from his favorite house slippers to his friends. There are useful strategies that can help you prevent the puppy from biting. For new pet owners, training a puppy can seem overwhelming. However, it is […]

Potty train your dog -The highway to success

Despite the kind of dog you may have, one of the essential tasks is training them to use a potty. It is also quite tricky, but it is worth a try. It will take some time and patience to achieve your results. With this article, you will get the help you need to succeed. The […]

How to Train Your Puppies to Sleep in a Kennel?

So, you have acquired a new puppy. Congratulations! You are in a whirlwind to experience a few months of excitement, love, and joy. However, just like a new parent, you are in for some challenging nights. However, with time your puppy will learn how to be alone and sleep through the night. Whether you have […]

How to House Train a Puppy?

 House training your puppy or dog requires some level of commitment, patience, and consistency. Additionally, toilet training should start as soon as you get your puppy home. Notably, puppies are unable to control their bowels and bladders until 12 months of age. Thus, success in house training will depend on anticipating their needs. You can […]

How to crate train a dog?

Dogs are known to possess natural instincts as den animals; hence making it easier to crate train them. A crate can be used to limit your dogs’ access to the rest of the house while they learn other rules. Below are the steps to so as to ensure that your dog has been successfully crate […]

Things to watch out for the newborn puppies

Newborn puppies are fragile and even if they are infected with common colds, they may be fatal to this. Therefore, properly take care the newborn dogs and provide them with a suitable living environment is very important. Of course, the same cannot be sloppy in feeding, whether it is feeding or the corresponding nursing work […]

Things for Newborn puppy that should pay attention to

Newborn puppies should pay attention to keeping warm. The indoor temperature should be above 23 degrees Celsius. When the room temperature is lower than 21 degrees Celsius, use a small electric blanket or hot water bottle to increase the temperature, but be sure to wrap it up with a towel so as not to burn […]

The right way to take care of newborn puppies

Feeding and weaning: Under normal circumstances, the puppies are breast feeding from the mother until 3-5 weeks of age. After 3 weeks of age, some milk or breast milk can be used on the dish to allow puppies to learn to feed from the dish to supplement their nutrition. This can prevent the development of […]

How to take care of the full moon puppy?

Between 30-50 days is considered as weaning period; breast feed period is within 50days after puppies born. The first 30 days after the puppies are born; they mainly live on breast milk. Dog milk contains more protein and fat than human milk. After three weeks of birth, the puppies began to grow teeth. At this […]

How to take care of newly adopted puppies?

The newly adopted puppies are relatively unfamiliar with the new environment. They either run around or barking non-stop. How do we take care of them at this time? Method/step Before you adopt the puppy, you can learn about the puppy’s previous lifestyle. Try not to change it in the initial period of time to avoid […]