How to take care of newly adopted puppies?

The newly adopted puppies are relatively unfamiliar with the new environment. They either run around or barking non-stop. How do we take care of them at this time?


  1. Before you adopt the puppy, you can learn about the puppy’s previous lifestyle. Try not to change it in the initial period of time to avoid discomfort to the puppy.
  2. At the beginning, the puppies are usually closed to a reasonable size of space for a period of time, so that the puppies can be familiar with the environment. Do not rush the puppies to outdoor activities.
  3. Try to play with the puppy more often, tantalize it and often touch it, let the puppy enjoy this feeling, while allowing it to gain the trust.
  4. Try to take care of the puppies personally and do not let strangers come into contact with them so that you can establish a closer relationship with your puppy faster.
  5. Train the puppy step by step. Initially, try not to train it too frequent, and don’t scold it loudly or whip it.
  6. Pay attention to the puppy’s diet and hygiene. Don’t let the puppy to be hungry. Always bathe the puppy so that the louse doesn’t grow up.