How to Train Your Puppies to Sleep in a Kennel?

So, you have acquired a new puppy. Congratulations! You are in a whirlwind to experience a few months of excitement, love, and joy. However, just like a new parent, you are in for some challenging nights. However, with time your puppy will learn how to be alone and sleep through the night. Whether you have a new member of the family or an old dog, getting them to sleep in the kennel can be a daunting task. Maybe the puppy would want to spend the night in the bed with you or perhaps on the sofa.  

Nonetheless, with scheduled training and encouragement, however, you can quickly train your puppy to sleep in the kennel at night. In this guide, we discuss some of the tips that can help you teach your puppy to sleep in a dog den instead of the furniture.

Use of Incentives

 Without a doubt, your new member of the family can adapt to the lifestyle in your home if well trained. It is worthy to note that pests respond to incentives and positive encouragement during training. Get your puppy to enjoy staying the kennel by placing treats and toys inside the kennel. Besides, you can praise them and give them rewards for spending time in the kennel. Using incentives and praises will make your dog wants to spend their time in the kennel since they know they will get something in return.

Keep an Open door Policy

To make your dog sleep in the kennel at night, you need to make it feel comfortable in the enclosure during the day. To achieve this, leave the door of the dog pen open for it to climb in and out. Additionally, if you do this, your dog will explore the opportunity and like the kennel, however, if they do not enjoy exploring the kennel alone, you can try using the treats and praise policy to make encourage them to spend more time in the kennel.

Stay Close

During the training process, you need to stay close to the dogs’ crate. This will ensure that your dog does not feel trapped in the kennel or have a feeling of being punished in being the kennel. Be cautious, do not place your pet into the crate and walk away; it will feel like it is a punishment. During dog-kennel-training, take your time to be close to your pet once you place them in the kennel. Being close makes them feel more secure knowing you are not leaving them alone.

Get Cozy

 To make them love their kennel, you need to make it cozy and comfortable for them to enjoy. Having a warm bed or blanket inside the kennel will encourage your pet to enjoy staying in the crate. Also, the dog will feel more comfortable to sleep on your sofa or furniture if they know they will be warm and comfortable all night as opposed to the kennel. Moreover, if you already have a bed or blanket that your dog loves, move it to the crate, this will entice them, and they will start developing a positive attitude towards sleeping in the kennel.

Make Sure It Fits

Size matters. When shopping for a dog’s kennel, you need the right size. The enclosure should be big enough to encourage their movements like shifts, stand-ups and turn around. Besides, you need to ensure it is not too big. The kennel should feel like a den to your puppy. Having a more significant size can take the feeling of a den away.


Having a routine schedule for your puppy will encourage them to develop the right attitude towards sleeping in their kennel instead of your sofas. Besides, using commands to let them in out of the doghouse helps improve the relationship between you and your puppy, and with time, they will come to love the whole place.