How to raise a dog

When a dog was young, try to feed it with soft as this is good for digestion and easy to eat. Make sure do not cultivate it gluttony. After weaning, eating less and feeding more is easier for the dog to absorb nutrients. It can be 3-4 times a day. Be sure to soak the […]

How to take care of the baby dog

Puppies, like little babies, need plenty of nutrients and proteins to grow up. So, when you just brought home a puppy, help the puppy develop a good eating habits is very important. The puppy’s menu must be nutritionally balanced, dry dog ​​food and wet dog food must be included, and from time to time snacks […]

4 basic principles to raise a puppy

Many dog ​​owners are new dog owners and have not raised dogs before. Here are the four basic principles of dog feeding: A puppy is required to eat 80 full only Many dog ​​owners did not raise dogs before and they are always afraid that their dogs didn’t eat enough, so they always feed a […]

36 tips to take care of puppy

Puppy is a fun, exciting and cute little creature. With proper care, you will have a loyal, happy, and lovely partner. Below are the tips: Make sure your puppy is right for you. Can it live in your house? Is the energy level suitable for the amount of exercise you can provide? Highly consideration of […]