Stop your puppy from biting

Puppies are the most beautiful things in the world. Passion can quickly fade away, but once the puppy starts biting things, from his favorite house slippers to his friends. There are useful strategies that can help you prevent the puppy from biting. For new pet owners, training a puppy can seem overwhelming. However, it is essential to learn how to stop the puppy from biting, do not let go. What was once a cute puppy can develop a sense of hegemony, which can be very difficult to correct over time. Below are suggestions on how to stop a puppy from biting.

Promote the exercise

During the early stages of the puppy, it is essential to avoid restrained housing or playing with aggressive toys with your puppy. That involves toys that provoke aggression, such as fighting toys, tug-of-war or persecution games. This type of physical game will only encourage the puppies to start biting and chewing with enthusiasm, and soon they will be able to learn to associate biting with fun. On the way, once your puppy learns that biting is not acceptable behavior, he can begin to incorporate physical games into playtime.

Exercise improvement, on the other hand, is an excellent way to relieve and redirect your puppy’s senses. In addition to the apparent health benefits, exercise helps reduce boredom and distraction which are the leading causes of puppy bites.

Understand why puppies bite

The first step in learning to avoid getting the puppy to bite is to determine the causes of this behavior. After all, biting is a perfectly normal stage for your puppy to pass. Like many puppies, those that bite resort to chewing to alleviate the discomfort. However, this does not justify the retribution that occurs when biting misconduct increases. Be sure to praise your puppy’s positive efforts and discourage bad behavior.

Promote good behavior

Every time your puppy plays softly or licks with a soft mouth, bathe it with lots of praise. That will improve good conduct and encourage your puppy to want to get more and more.

Dog training

It is always a good idea to enroll your puppy in an obedience training class for dogs at approximately six months of age. Socializing with other dogs is an excellent way to teach your dog’s boundaries and at the same time promote positive behaviors.


Above all, the key to learning to prevent a puppy from biting is to be consistent with his training. Do not expect the dog to understand what you are trying to learn on your first try. By following these simple steps, and with constant practice, you can ensure that your puppy becomes a healthy dog which uses its teeth for constructive applications.