Things to watch out for the newborn puppies

Newborn puppies are fragile and even if they are infected with common colds, they may be fatal to this. Therefore, properly take care the newborn dogs and provide them with a suitable living environment is very important. Of course, the same cannot be sloppy in feeding, whether it is feeding or the corresponding nursing work should be done. And what we need to care for is not just puppies, while the bitches are equally important.

First, the living environment

First of all, it is very important to provide a suitable living environment for newborn puppies. After the puppy is born, if the bitch is performing well, she will take care of the puppies. Just let the puppies and the bitch stay in delivery room.

If the bitch’s condition is not stable, it is best to prepare a cuddly box for the puppies to avoid crushing the puppies or other accidental injuries. Only when the lactating dog is nursing, let the female dog enter or hold the puppies out of the nursery.

You can use a thick cardboard box, a wooden box, a styrofoam box, etc. to prepare the incubator box; the width is appropriate for the width of the bitch, and the ground floor is covered with broken newspapers and towels; the shape allows bitches to enter and exit while the puppy does not fall outside.

For those puppies born in the winter, special attention should be paid to the temperature inside the incubator. Since the temperature regulation function of the newborn dogs is not yet developed, the temperature inside the box is preferably maintained at 25°C and must not be lower than 20°C. The box should not be placed where the temperature difference changes too much. In addition, nursery boxes should be kept clean at all times, and dirty, wet newspapers or towels should be removed and replaced.

Second, breast feeding

The immunity of newborn puppies is usually not high, and breast milk can effectively supplement the dog and increase the immunity of the dog. In particular, the first three days of colostrum contain a large number of common antibodies; the puppies absorb colostrum enough to protect it for 6 to 8 weeks, which is the best resistance to protect its health before the vaccine has not been shot.

Breastmilk not only has high nutrient content, but also can provide puppies with disease resistance. Therefore, if the bitch has enough milk, it is best for the newborn to fully suckle the mother’s milk. At the same time, the entire nurturing work can be given to the bitch. You only need to Assist on the line.

If the mother’s milk is not enough, although it can be supplemented by artificial breastfeeding, you can use the baby dog/cat milk powder and fill in to the bottle to feed puppies as replacer. This goat milk powder has a natural composition and is close to the mother of the dog’s mother. It is a good substitute, but it is best if the limited mother’s milk can be assigned to each puppy to suck, to supplement her nutrition with puppies and cat milk replacer whenever needed.

Before breastfeeding, wipe the breasts with a hot towel, squeeze the nipples with your hands to make the milk flow out, and then lift the puppies out of the incubator to eat. Every 2 hours in the first week, every 3 hours in the second week, and every 4 hours in the third week. By the fourth week, the puppy will steal food from her mother.

Sometimes puppies can’t find a teat, or can’t hold a teat. The owner can best put the puppy in front of the teat and guide it to suck a breast. Or you can use a tail finger to poke into the puppy’s mouth to practice it. While the mouth of the puppies still opened, guide it close to the teat.

It’s best to have each nipple be sucked by the puppy on average, and each puppy, so that, all having enough breastmilk to avoid different nutrition gain of the puppies.

At the same time of breast-feeding, the mother will wipe the anus and genitals of the puppies and stimulate the dog to excrete. Otherwise, the puppies will get sick easily if the feces accumulate in the body. If the mother does not have this behavior, the owner must use toilet paper or gauze to stimulate the excretion. The puppies will have a smooth bowel movement. Usually the mother will also take out the puppy’s excreta. In case the puppy’s body is dirty, you can use a warm towel to wipe it clean.

It is very important for newborn puppies to provide a good living environment and ensure the normal amount of breast milk to improve the immunity of the dog. Therefore, the owner must do the corresponding feeding work and ensure that the living environment is clean.